Disease is a Lack of Energy

What is Disease?

All diseases have something in common…


Disease is a health’s imbalance and represents any state where there is a deterioration of the human organism.

All diseases must have something in common. In my opinion, disease is lack of energy. When the body is lacking energy for its proper functioning, it becomes imbalanced and gets sick. Therefore, it’s the lack of energy that makes us sick. This leads us to the question of… how do we create energy in our bodies?, ™ n~
Our body gets its energy mainly from combustion. In order to obtain energy, we burn sugars, fats and proteins derived from our nutrition. Therefore, nutrition is one of the most important points to consider when we want to be healthy. We obtain our energy through combustion. This is not just about fuel, since there is an even more important factor: oxygen. All combustion requires oxygen. Without oxygen, nothing gets burnt. This simple fact is not taken into account to its full extent in most biochemical research. Combustion is what creates the necessary heat and energy for our body to function and to generate electricity at the same time, which is the vital energy. The only difference between a dead and an alive body is the absence of electricity. We are electric energy beings, with a body that gets its optimum energy through biochemical combustion. Oxygen is essential to this combustion; without oxygen, there is no energy and without energy, there is no health.

I spent some time with Dr. Schustereder in an African mission, and I can bear witness that he is a man of integrity, totally devoted to his work. He told me the story about why he wanted to become a doctor. When he was a child, he suffered a lot due to a serious illness and he could see many other children in hospital suffering as well. When he grew up, he decided to become a doctor and change things. Later on he went to Africa, running hospitals in difficult high-risk areas such as Central African Republic. Now he lives in Switzerland. His poor health as a child led him to help others recover it. I think that if there is a change in the system in the future, it will be thanks to courageous and skilled people like him, to doctors whose only intention is to heal, unbounded by economic or industry ties.

I will quote an experience with him:

Photo Dr. Schustereder

“We understand infectious diseases in this way: There is a germ here, and here is the body. There are some germs that make it sick and others that don’t. Thus, there is always an external cause for disease in conventional medicine, but there are more and more indications that the body doesn’t work this way and this is important. We simply can’t continue with this reductionist model, where we take a part of the body and we look at it. We have to see it as a whole. What we really need to ask ourselves is:

Why do some people get sick while others don’t…?

Even though a type of germ can be isolated, the question will be the same: Why some people don’t get sick when they get into contact with this kind of germ. When we deal with this kind of research, we must look beyond the physical body level. We must go deeper into the emotional, mental and successive levels, asking ourselves why… Honestly, when I think about this kind of research, I see that our conventional model is based on the Newtonian, mechanistic view of the world, already a few hundred years old, when actually… it’s not appropriate anymore.

Chlorine dioxide has gone much further, having a much deeper impact in the human. This has to do with the body’s electrostatic*. And there are very few people carrying out this research in a systematic manner. What I am trying to say is that, in fact, we need a brand new paradigm to describe the kind of impact this chemical compound creates. I can imagine that chlorine dioxide has an influence in electrophysiology*, in the electro mechanic processes of the body. That’s what it really does in the human body. And I think that electrostatics and electrophysiology open a really interesting field to understand many of the applications that we see in alternative medicine.”

* ELECTROSTATICS: It is the study of electrical charges in balance.
* Electrophysiology is the study of the electrical properties of cells and biological tissues.

Source: https://andreaskalcker.com/

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