Chlorine Dioxide Academy

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What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Get to know the origin of Chlorine Dioxide and learn some basic chemical differences to bleach.

How does Chlorine Dioxide work?

We’ll present explain what CDS is doing in the body, blood stream and on the skin.

How to use CDS?

Learn the exact recipe to create CDS from NaClo2 and how to use it in different scenarios (protocols).

Become Knowledgeable about Chlorine Dioxide

There is an enormous amount of misinformation being promoted on the internet regarding CDS. Paid journalists engage in fear mongering to do the bidding of the big pharma lobbies. They will tell you that CDS is dangerous or deadly, outright lying and unable to produce scientific evidence.
Take control of your own decision by learning from scientific sources about the origins, benefits and uses of Chlorine Dioxide (Clo2). This course will give you the skills to counter some of the common arguments presented against CDS.

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