Improve your WELL-BEING 

with Chlorine Dioxide CDS/MMS

Learn all about the Benefits of CDS/MMS which has been investigated for 13+ years
by Andreas Kalcker, Biophysicist from Germany.

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Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, German Bio-Physicist has been doing research for 13+ years on Chlorine Dioxide for therapeutic purposes. Watch the video to learn more.

Disease is a lack of Energy

When the body is lacking energy for its proper functioning, it becomes imbalanced and gets sick. 

Kills flu viruses like Covid-19

Check out the blog section to find different studies that have been done with Chlorine Dioxide

Institute of Natural Biophysics

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What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been used for over 100 years to combat all types of bacteria, viruses and fungi successfully. It acts as a disinfectant, since in its mode of action it turns out to be an oxidant.
It is very similar to the way our own body acts, for example in phagocytosis, where an oxidation process is used to eliminate all kinds of pathogens.

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a yellowish gas that, to date, has not been introduced into the conventional pharmacopoeia as an active ingredient, although it is used on a mandatory basis to disinfect and preserve blood bags for transfusions. It is also used in most bottled waters suitable for consumption, since it does not leave toxic residues; besides, it is a gas that is very soluble in water and evaporates from 11 ºC.

Forbidden Health

When you see that Big Tech – with the help of Government Agencies and Pharma – is censoring information about CDS testimonials from the internet you start to wonder. Why is it necessary to block a video from a woman from Colombia who got healed of cancer using CDS when all the chemo therapies could not help her? What do they have to hide? Is it the fact that no money can be made with Chlorine Dioxide?

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Medical Study: Chlorine Dioxide is effective against the Porcine Virus (swine Flu)

National Library of Medicine, USA, Nov 3rd 2018Abstract Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) causes a great economic loss to the swine industry globally. Current prevention and treatment measures are not effective to control the outbreak and...

Bolivia challenges WHO and major pharmaceuticals

Author: Daniel Stadeli, 15 October 2020 Bolivian parliament passed a law to facilitate the use of chlorine dioxide With the courageous vote of plurinational state politicians and in opposition to public opinion promoted by mass media such as CNN and others, Bolivia...

Bolivia desafía a la OMS y a las grandes farmas

Author: Daniel Städeli, 15 de octubre 2020 El parlamento boliviano aprobó una ley para facilitar el uso del dióxido de cloro Con el voto valiente de los políticos del Estado Plurinacional y en oposición a la opinión pública promovida por los medios masivos como CNN y...

Interview with Andreas Kalcker reg. COVID, Spanish

[smartvideo src="" width="1280" height="720" responsive=true controls=true] Andreas Kalcker, biofísico Alemán en exclusiva nos cuenta desde Suiza todo acerca del Dióxido de Cloro y como se han recuperado personas afectados por el...

CDS cura cáncer de piel, SPANISH

[smartvideo src="" width="1280" height="720" responsive=true controls=true]

Study: antiviral activity of chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite

The Society for Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents, Japan, 2010Abstract We evaluated the antiviral activity of a chlorine dioxide gas solution (CD) and sodium hypochlorite (SH) against feline calicivirus, human influenza virus, measles virus, canine distemper virus,...

Study: Adenovirus in Drinking Water Using Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection

National Library of Medicine, USA, April 1st 2019 Abstract According to the Dutch Drinking Water Act of 2011, Dutch drinking water suppliers must conduct a Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) for infection by the following index pathogens: enterovirus,...

Recover Energy

As we said earlier on, disease is a lack of energy. Getting energy is quite easy just by eating… and exercising, of course. The problem is that a sick person doesn’t usually have the energy needed to run a marathon or enough oxygen for the correct functioning of all...

Over 100 Recoverded from Covid-19 with CDS by Physicians of the AEMEMI

Author: Andreas Kalcker, March 21st 2020Need to make changes to your health? You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help! Learn about the amazing benefits of Chlorine Dioxide by reading through the blog section of this website and by subscribing to our newsletter. We will...

Explicacion cientifica del dioxido de cloro con Dr. Eduardo Insignares Médico Cirujano en Colombia, SPANISH

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