Fear is a bad Adviser and a great Salesman
June 6, 2020

Many readers have never heard of chlorine dioxide or sodium chlorite. It’s also known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), which is the name Jim Humble gave to this substance, since its results back then seemed… “miraculous” to him.
The Internet is full of testimonials from every country in the world, some in writing, some in video format. A testimonial is not equivalent to scientific evidence. However, it does represent legal evidence. I will try to clarify why this substance works in so many people, in so many diseases, apparently without any explanation.

One of the reasons why I wrote this book is because I want to share this knowledge with those sick people who do not have those 8 or 10 years to heal from a chronic disease that has been diagnosed as incurable. Or worse still, with those that conventional medicine has given up on, as it happens in so many cancer cases. There shouldn’t be any bureaucratic obstacles for the people who wish to try alternative solutions under their own responsibility.

Empezar MMS CDSWe have to remember that every big change in human knowledge was initially rejected, ridiculed, fought and judged, in quite an overwhelming way. Giordano Bruno, for instance, was burnt at the stake for claiming that the earth was round, an idea that we now take for granted. I have the intention of opening the eyes of all those who have been programmed, who have received an education based on the principle of compliance, of “believing” scientific facts, without ever questioning them for a second.

We need to understand that most of the information we receive is manipulated beforehand by those in power. The discovery of the bacteria “helicobacter pylori”, responsible for peptic ulcers, is
a clear example of this usual practice. This fact was ridiculed for 25 years, creating suffering for the discoverers, who ended up receiving finally a Nobel Prize in 2004.

I am convinced that one of the ways to live in plenitude is to stay loyal to your personal truth and be unafraid of what others say. We better live life in a conscious manner since we are all renting here. In the end, all that matters is what we have done with our lives.

“Fear is a bad adviser and a great salesman”

I try to open a path for new research and alternative therapies regarding those diseases that are considered incurable so far for all those who want to learn or research about alternative medicine, so they can find possible solutions of “forbidden health” to serve them as guidance.

I am not recommending anyone to follow any treatment at all; I am simply displaying the compilation of years of work with the testimonials of people who have written to me about their experiences with alternative treatments, beyond ordinary medicine. Hopefully this information can serve as the base for future scientific college research, legal and acknowledged, and in this way reach the masses. All the information I share here is based on scientific documents (that you will find at the end of the book), applying logical thought and with the support of empirical evidence.

Source: https://andreaskalcker.com/en/start-reading-here/


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“I had a terrible cancer, first it started in my knee and then it spread into my lungs. I had to user oxygen everywhere I went.  A friend introduced me to MMS, after taking it for 15 days, I didn’t need the oxygen anymore. It felt like all the air was for me! My hair and nails started to grow back, my skin got soft again. The doctors did all the studies on me, there is no more cancer in my bones or in my lungs!”

Jenni Patricia Mejia

from Colombia

“I tried CDS and felt a big relief from my symptoms”

Eduardo Menoni

from Venezuela