Recover Energy

As we said earlier on, disease is a lack of energy. Getting energy is quite easy just by eating… and exercising, of course. The problem is that a sick person doesn’t usually have the energy needed to run a marathon or enough oxygen for the correct functioning of all the processes required by the body’s immune system.
On the other hand, germs or viruses can multiply much faster than our immune system can absorb them through a process known as phagocytosis. In fact, there is a race against the clock going on inside our bodies when we have any kind of infection, whether is due to viruses or germs. The question we have to ask ourselves at this point is:

How can we recover the energy levels we are lacking?

First, we need to look for the genuine cause, because symptomatic medicine is worthless, serving only the moneymaking schemes of  big pharmaceutical corporations. It’s obvious that these huge companies have zero interest in developing drugs that heal and are invested in keeping their client base. Let’s not forget that a healthy patient stops being a drug consumer. What’s more, we have observed how an awful amount of useful drugs have been withdrawn in the past 40 years, to be replaced by “more modern” drugs that, instead of healing, merely cover up the symptoms keeping the patient sick for as long as possible. The worst kinds of drugs are the so-called “pills for life”, which are no more than a big scale deception, where everyone involved in the deal wins. Since 


the patient usually trusts conventional medicine, he is the victim of this legal hoax. If we want to increase our energy, we must avoid all kinds of toxins, whether they are the classical ones: smoking, alcohol and drugs (regardless of being legal or illegal, most drugs are toxic) and inappropriate industrial food, manufactured with harmful substances.

At the same time, we can increase the diseased person’s energy providing them with care and love.

What is love? In biophysical terms,

Love equals "resonance".

It is created when there is resonance between people, animals and plants. This same resonance allows an energy increase creating an energetic vortex between them that produces harmony and wellbeing… also known as happiness 🙂 When we experience love, we experience the flow of energy between both parts in an infinite manner. This flow of energy requires conductivity. The salts and minerals in our body are responsible for electric conductivity and the flow of ions.

If we increase our body’s conductivity, we allow for a bigger energetic flow.


By looking at the flames, we can notice that even if we use the same amount of gas in both cases, only when there is enough oxygen present, the stove’s flame is bluish and much hotter than the yellow flame deprived of oxygen.
We can deduce that in order to generate energy, our body uses oxidation for optimum combustion. At the same time, oxidation helps to keep the alkaline-acid balance needed for its proper functioning. Red blood cells transport that vital oxygen. There is another substance that can do the same: chlorine dioxide, which is essentially nothing more than salt and oxygen when we look at it in a simplified way. This substance, just like red blood cells, can also store oxygen and just like blood, release it in the most acidic area by means of the reaction that takes place when the chlorine dioxide disintegrates –during the oxidation process- into salt on one hand, and oxygen on the other. This disintegration releases an enormous amount of electrochemical energy, which in turn removes the acid pathogens of
our body, turning them into alkaline “ashes”.

In his book “Health Forbidden”, Andreas Kalcker explains this process in more detail.


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