US Patent for the use of Chlorine Dioxide in Teeth Whitening

United States Patent 8703106, USA, 08/31/2012


Methods for administration of a substantially non-cytotoxic chlorine dioxide composition to whiten a tooth surface are provided. The method comprises contacting a surface of a tooth with an efficacious amount of a composition comprising chlorine dioxide to provide an efficacious amount of chlorine dioxide to the tooth surface, wherein the contacting step comprises one or more of: i) contacting the tooth surface iteratively with at least two, substantially contiguous applications of a substantially non-cytotoxic composition comprising chlorine dioxide; ii) irrigating the tooth surface using an irrigation device that delivers a substantially non-cytotoxic composition comprising chlorine dioxide, or iii) irrigating the tooth surface using an irrigation device that comprises a chlorine dioxide composition comprising a cytotoxic amount of oxy-chlorine anions; and an oxy-chlorine anion barrier, wherein the irrigation devices delivers a substantially oxy-chlorine anion free chlorine dioxide composition to the tooth surface. in vitro.

Asignee: BASF Corporation (Florham Park, NJ, US)

Keywords: Chlorine dioxide; tooth whitening

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